I'm Crablettes.

I'm in love with Sophie Lhant. That's to say, odd as it may be, I have genuine feelings for her.

I like anime, video games, CRTs and 80s city pop.

I also like computers and programming and I've been doing stuff related to that since I was about 9 or 10 years old.

I've been studying Japanese for some years, as well.

I hate identity politics; don't bother starting that shit with me.

I own an IRC channel located at #japaripark on the Rizon network.

If you'd like to chat, I'm on twitter as @crab_omelettes, Discord as Crablettes#9338, and XMPP as crablettes@yourdata.forsale.

If you talk to me, I'll talk to you. Don't be shy!

I draw, too, and you can find my artwork on my Twitter page, my DeviantArt page, or my Pixiv page.

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